Are you getting the best prices for your medical supplies?

ProClaim's supplies management system is an inventory management software that keeps track of your inventory and gives you the best possible prices.


  • saves you time and money by freeing you from the responsibilities of checking and ordering supplies
  • keeps track of your inventory
  • generates automatic alerts when you are running low on an item
  • searches for the best prices through an automated search function

ProClaim also offers great prices on health insurance claim forms (CMS 1500s and UB04s), envelopes (#10 and jumbo) and coding books for medical billing companies, hospitals and physician practices nationwide. Compare and save!

CMS 1500 laser claim forms (2500 sheets) just $43.97
CMS 1500 #10 envelopes (box of 500) just $28.49
Coding books at 20% off the Ingenix and PMIC list prices

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